About Us

The beginning

It is quite simple really. Howl was built from a desire for better. As a young woman, I was sick of throwing my money at High-Street jewellery. Yes it would seem cheap, but when I soon realised that I was paying £4 to get one wear out of each piece, it actually became rather expensive, not to mention terrible for the environment! To heck with green fingers and tarnished jewellery, I demanded better. 


It seemed that either I could purchase cheap jewellery for a one- time wear, or I would have to fork out a lot of money for the tiniest hoop which would last a year or two. I decided that just wouldn't do! Why did nobody sell waterproof jewellery? Why was it so expensive if they did?


Howl was built to empower, and to free its customers.


And so Howl was born. Offering high quality 18K Gold Plated and Sterling Silver jewellery for a fraction of the price of other's. Howl was built to empower, and to free its customers. There are no boundaries anymore. You can jump into the sea in your brand new stacking necklace, or head to the gym every day in the same earrings. Our collections are built to remain strong. With proper care, our pieces should last at least 1-2 years without any sign of wear and tear. We can't prevent our jewels from scratching (maybe one day with new technology) but for now we can at least allow our beautiful customers a little more freedom in their lives. 


We are based in Liverpool, UK. Each and every piece comes direct from our little office here and is posted with love. We hope that you adore our collections and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank our incredible customers. Yes, everyone says this but we really, really mean it. Our customers are the absolute best and we are so proud of that!


Love Howl x