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Our new compact Jewellery boxes are perfect for travelling. Featuring ring storage, necklace storage and whatever you need it for storage!

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"Zahira" Staggered Choker Necklace
“Emerald” Ornate Necklace
“Emerald” Ornate Necklace
Sale price$18.00
“Bethany” Thin Herringbone Necklace
“Bethany” Thin Herringbone Necklace
Sale price$14.00

The Vision

We create jewellery designs that can keep up with your active lifestyle. Specialising in waterproof, hypoallergenic and robust designs, we go further than we need to. But we want to be SO MUCH MORE. With plans to become a truly inspired and diverse jewellery brand, all we can say is, this year will be interesting.

I would really like to place another large order but there isn't much I don't have! And I have been a huge supporter of you guys, I don't want to go anywhere else tbh! ❤️ **** **** is similar but I feel your quality is better.