How Waterproof?

18K Gold Plated Jewellery

  •  We take pride in how waterproof our jewellery pieces are, here at Howl. Our gold pieces are either Stainless Steel or Piercing Grade Titanium and are PVD coated with 18K gold plating using our special system to ensure that they remain plated for at least 1-2 years with proper care. 
  • This special coating combined with stainless steel's durable properties means that our pieces are waterproof, sweat-resistant and resilient to heat exposure too; making them perfect for swimming, going to the gym, or even heading to the beach. 
  • Sadly, the plating on our gold pieces can scratch off when rubbed against/ in contact with other metals, so be careful to not store your jewels in the same bags, and they should last for years with no loss of colour. 

Sterling Silver Jewellery 

  •  We take pride in the premium quality of our sterling silver pieces here at Howl. Our silver pieces are 925 hallmarked silver and are all crafted by hand. Sterling Silver is a relatively soft metal, meaning it may bend easily so be careful sleeping on small silver earrings or fragile rings for example. If you want tough, strong jewellery, then opt for our stainless steel pieces instead. 
  • Sterling Silver can oxidise when in contact with the air. This is a completely natural process and may appear yellow/ brown/ black or rusty in appearance. This is a chemical process and happens with all silver and is not rust/ staining or plating issues. This can be easily solved by purchasing a silver cloth or silver bath solution. Simply rub the cloth over your silver and restore your pieces to their original colour. 
  • Some of our sterling silver pieces are gold vermeil (plated with gold plating) this like above will last for 1-2 years with proper care before wearing away.

Silver Stainless Steel Jewellery

  • Some of our silver pieces are titanium or stainless steel. This gives them the most durable quality of all of our jewellery. As they are unplated, they appear slightly more grey in colour than sterling silver. This is the natural colour of stainless steel. This is not a plating and is impossible to wear away so these pieces will last forever with absolutely no colour change.